Relation with Simon Lévelt

Sustainable entrepreneurship has high priority for Simon Lévelt.

Since 1985 the company purchases coffee and tea from producers in origin. Nowadays, more than 75% of our coffee and tea volume is purchased directly from the producers in origin and is certified organic. This share increases steadily. We focus on the environment, the social conditions and health of the workers, as well as the quality of the product.


Simon Lévelt representatives visit producers and producers regularly visit Simon Lévelt. Problems are put forward and discussed and together we work on solutions. Exchange of information, knowledge and experience is the basis for our partnership.


In earlier years, problems and questions related to organic agriculture were predominant. Several times Simon Lévelt supported producers with organic expertise provided by agronomists on the spot. Also, producers were brought into contact, so they could exchange knowledge and inspire each other. Financial support was and still is a key factor in the empowerment of coffee cooperatives and associations. Guarantees were issued to local banks or prepayments were granted.

In the course of the years other issues had to be dealt with, like  the improvement of social and labour conditions, e.g. education. More recent the development of special qualities of coffee and tea and exchange on market trends has become important. This improves the market position of producers.

Simon Lévelt and Tierra Nova Foundation

It is of extreme importance for Simon Lévelt to support producers of coffee and tea and participate in social initiatives;  we want the social ambitions of Tierra Nova Foundation to be in line with the commercial activities of Simon Lévelt. Therefore we consider both organizations the Tierra Nova Foundation and Simon Lévelt complementary to each other.