About Tierra Nova Foundation

The Tierra Nova Foundation supports producers of sustainable coffee and tea.


“It is possible to produce coffee and tea in a healthy way for man and environment, so farmers can have a decent life, now and in the future.”


This conviction inspired Hans Levelt to initiate the Tierra Nova Foundation in 2006. Being closely connected with Simon Lévelt Ltd. the Tierra Nova Foundation has facilitated and co-financed projects in partnership with the coffee and tea producers of Simon Lévelt. All our projects aim to achieve sustainable production of coffee and tea and improvement of the living conditions of farmers and plantation workers. Simon Lévelt supports Tierra Nova with funding as well as expertise. Thanks to this triple partnership of Tierra Nova, Simon Lévelt and the coffee and tea producers we have an excellent starting point to achieve our goals. Coffee and tea producers benefit from the market and supply chain expertise of the staff of Simon Lévelt involved in the activities of Tierra Nova. On the other hand Tierra Nova is the vehicle through which Simon Lévelt embodies its social entrepreneurial principles.



The board of Tierra Nova Foundation

Hans Levelt, Rob Sikkema, Ignace Breemer ter Stege, Paula Koelemij