Tierra Nova Foundation

The Tierra Nova Foundation supports producers of sustainable coffee and tea. We believe that it is possible to produce coffee and tea in a sustainable and healthy way for man and the environment, so farmers and plantation workers can have a decent life, now and in the future.

Our goals

The Tierra Nova Foundation main goals are promotion of sustainable coffee and tea production and the improvement of social conditions of coffee and tea producers.

How we achieve our goals

We achieve our goals by (co)financing:

  • Projects to improve the quality of coffee and tea and the yields as well as protect the environment;
  • Research on product diversification in those areas where, in the future, coffee and tea production might not be viable anymore;
  • Education and training projects;
  • Housing and nutrition programs for farmers and plantation workers.

Read about our stories

The Story of Miriam
– Brazil

My name is Miriam Monteiro de Aguiar. I’m 53 years old. I was born in a very small town named Santo Antonio do Amparo, in the Campos das Vertentes region, on the southern border of Minas Gerais state in Brazil…

The Story of Justine
– Uganda

My name is Justine Chelangat and I am 34 years old. I am a Ugandan by Nationality and Sabiny by tribe. I live in Tulolwo Village in the Chema Parish, located in Kapchorwa District in Uganda…

The Story of Deo Prasad
– India

Deo Prasad Sharma is 52 years als and born and brought up on the Ambootia Tea Estate in India. His father was also the pries of the Shiva temple on Ambootia Tea Estate…

The Story of Tesfaye
– Ethiopia

My name is Tesfaye Bekele and my age is 49. When I was still a boy I lived in a rural area of Oromia, Ethiopia. During my childhood I was mainly engaged in rearing cattle and helping my family with farming..

About Tierra Nova Foundation

The Tierra Nova Foundation supports producers of sustainable coffee and tea.


“It is possible to produce coffee and tea in a healthy way for man and environment, so farmers can have a decent life, now and in the future.”


– Hans Levelt, chairman Tierra Nova Foundation


The Tierra Nova Foundation is a Simon Lévelt initative.


Producers and smallholders involved


Countries in which TNF is active


Partners involved in projects

Impressions of people and work in TNF projects

  • One of the school girls attending class
  • Coffee nursery in Brazil - fact: it takes up to five years for a coffee plant to reach its full growth. After [o] years it will start producing crop.
  • 107-0745_IMG
  • Mrs Bhandari - Ambootia 2015
  • 20151126_037
  • 1 nursery - koffieplantjes 20151125_051
  • 20151125_168
  • DSC02517
  • koffieboeren 1
  • DSC02638
  • IMG_6375
  • DSC02363

TNF Project Partners



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